Developer Conference Companion

The following information contains slides that were part of seminars delivered at various conferences. This information is for educational purposes only. The slides were a supplement to the seminar.

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Game Forum Germany Jan-Feb 2010: Developing High Fidelity Animation Systems

This lecture discusses the features required for a high fidelity animation system and the areas where current middleware and game engine solutions are sorely lacking. (Powerpoint presentation)

Harry S. Truman Middle School in Fontana 2005:

A similar talk to the Santa Monica Library was give at a Middle School in Fontana. Audio and slides from the program are available at the Game Tech website.

Santa Monica Library 2005: Getting into Game Development (Talk PDF) MP3 Audio of the talk (20MB)

I was invited to give a talk to teenagers at Santa Monica Library. Great group of young people that I look forward to seeing in the biz.

GDC 2003: Beyond Bouncing Boxes

This lecture explores the fast and realistic deformation and fracture. (Powerpoint presentation)

GDC 2002: Taming a Wild River

This lecture explores the fluid dynamics and approximation techniques. (Powerpoint presentation)

GDC 2001: Real-Time Artistic Non-Photorealistic Rendering

This lecture explores the use of non-photorealistic rendering techniques to enhance and explore the look of games. The Non-Photorealistic Rendering Conference in Annecy June 2000 is reviewed. (Powerpoint, 1.4MB)

GDC 2000: Using Technology to Create Believable 3D Characters

This is an extended version of the Roadtrip talks. It was presented at the GDC 2000.(Powerpoint 2000, 3.53MB)

GDC Roadtrips September-December 1999: Using Technology to Create Believable 3D Characters

GDC March 1999: Real-time Inverse Kinematics Handout (Word 97 Doc ~274K)

This paper was left out of the conference proceedings due to an MFI screw up. This was the one I really wanted in the proceedings. We handed them out at the session but in case you missed it...

GDC March 1999: Reinventing the Wheel: Buy or Build 3D tools Handout (Word 97 Doc ~7K)

This one made it into the proceedings, although it didn't have any math or anything too critical to take home.

GDC Roadtrip November 1998: Real-time Inverse Kinematics Handout Updated at GDC 99

IGDN October 1998: Facial Animation for Real-Time Games
IGDN March 1998: Nothing But Skin and Bones: Creation of Compelling Real-Time 3D Characters

CGDC May 1998, Full Day Seminar: Real-time Graphics Techniques
CGDC May 1998, Lecture: State of the Art of Real-Time 3D Characters